Two mysterious, luminescent sculptures create an abstract atmosphere with a curiously beautiful “Live Art Motion”. Through a spontaneous and unexpected invasion of the homogenous field that is the human mass, a stress field results between spectator and performer. In this invisible, 3-dimensional kinetic sphere, a mystical dance begins between two cells suffused with light, through which the dependency between them and the public becomes apparent. A constant transformation creates the illusion of two beings in their cocoons who influence and attract each other and define their limits anew over and over again.

“This was an absolutely brilliant (and completely unexpected) live art installation, and also a great compliment to what was happening on stage.” Johnny Bliss // FM4

Upcoming Performances

23.10.2022 - ZusammenKommen 10, Club Exil, Vösendorf

18.8.-21.8.2022 - Blockheide Leuchtet, Naturpark Gmünd

29.10.2021 - Grenzwertig, Club Exil, Vösendorf

Contact & Booking

TheLEDies - LiveMotionInstallation

+43 664 840 5799

[lu:ma:x³] (work in progress)

The show [lu:ma:x³] explores the interface between dance and technology, embracing the viewer with its absorbing fascination for the co-dependency of two realms: the virtual and the authentic or here-and-now. Light is the guiding element throughout the performance that unites the human body and technology as well as sound and space. The two performers invite you onto a journey where all the components merge into one stunning experience.

[artists] Alexander Hackl ( & Rafael Hamberger in cooperation with The LEDies

[kindly supported by] SCHMIEDE 2015 in Hallein / Salzburg

Last Performances

2019/07 - International Fringe Festival, Beer-Sheva, Israel

2019/06 - Life Ball, Wien

2019/05 - Lichtspektakel Sparbach, Naturpark Sparbach

2019/05 - Blockheide Leuchtet, Naturpark Blockheide Gmünd

2018/05 - Blockheide Leuchtet, Naturpark Blockheide Gmünd

2017/06 - Zsolnay Light Festival, Pécs, Ungarn

2015/09 - ELMAR Media Art Festival, Wien (AT)

2015/09 - Schmiede Werkschau 2015, Hallein (AT)

2015/07 - Pflasterspektakel, Linz (AT)

2015/08 - Ozora Festival, Dàd Puszta, Ungarn

2015/02 - Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Austrian Preliminaries, Wien (AT)

2014/08 - Boom Festival, Idanha-A-Nova Lake (POR)

2014/07 - Urban Art Forms, Graz (AT)

2014/06 - Vienna Night Row, Wien (AT)

2014/06 - Lange Nacht der Bühnen, Linz (AT)

2014/06 - Seedcamp, Kautzen (AT)

2014/04 - Tanzhafenfestival, Linz (AT)

2013/12 - Waldklang, Salzburg (AT)

2013/10 - Let it roll, Arena Wien (AT)

2013/08 - Frequency, St. Pölten (AT)

2013/08 - Garten, Salzburg (AT)

2013/07 - Urban Art Forms, Graz (AT)

2013/06 - Ton Am Strom, Greifenstein (AT)

2013/05 - GLOBAL 2000 Tomorrow Festival, AKW Zwentendorf (AT)

2013/05 - Union-Billard-Sportclub Pongau, St. Johann (AT)

2013/05 - Zirkus Abnormal, Garage X, Wien (AT)

2012/12 - Caritas - Eine Million Sterne, Stephansplatz Wien (AT)

2012/12 - Waldklang Festival, Salzburg (AT)

2012/10 - Ancient Trance Tribute Party, Leipzig (DE)

2012/09 - Buskers Festival, Wien (AT)

2012/07 - Urban Art Forms, Graz (AT)

Katja Bablick

Born 1982 in Bavaria/Germany. Graduated at Bode School Munich and studied dance in Berlin. BA for contemporary dance and pedagogy at Anton Bruckner University in Linz.

Andrea Maria Handler

Born 1984 in Wiener Neustadt. Received her dance education at Chandiru Mawa’s studio in Vienna, her bachelor’s and master’s degree at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz.